Maplewood Bicycle Location


Demo Deals

 Ready to make that upgrade you've been dreaming of, but you'd like to try it first?  With Maplewood bicycle's Demo Program you get access
to testing inovative, new products before you commit to making them your own.  If you decide to purchase the product you demoed,or an equivalent
model, within 30 days of the demo, the cost of the demo will be subtracted from the total.  Check back for new items available for demo as we always like to
keep things fresh!

Wheel Demo

Expore the possibilities with a set of our Demo wheels.
Current wheels: Aeolus D3 / ZIPP 202 
$150 / 5 days  -  Installation included*

Bike Demo

Ride something new for fun or before making it your own!
Current Demo Bike: Trek 720 Disc   

$100 / 3 days

Stages demo / Power meter demo

Power Meter Demo

More cyclists train with power than any other method.
Let us install a Stages crankarm on your bike and see for yourself!

$100  / 7 days

bike case demo

Travel Gear Demo

You want your bike to get there in one piece, right?
Let us perfectly pack your ride in one of our
Hardshell Cases and relax.
$100 / 7 days    Pro-Box service/$75hr

*Installation of demo wheels on some bikes may require some additional labor.