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Our Fit Mission


           Maplewood Bicycle takes great strides and investments in the Bike Fitting technology and methodology. We believe, entirely in getting your bicycle fitted to suit your specific body’s needs. If you just ride casually on the weekends or race at the highest level, it is EQUALLY important. Bike fitting is setting up all aspects of the bicycle to optimize your efficiencies, balance, power, and comfort. We have for over 41 years, been at the forefront of bike fit and set up, in the St.Louis area. We were one of the first to utilize the old Fit Kit, first in the area to bring in the acclaimed Serotta Size Cycle, first in the country to bring in the Bio Racer fit system from Europe, first store to bring in the Retul 3d motion capture system, we have been using Dartfish 2d motion capture analysis software since 2005, first in the region to have been using the Retul Muve dynamic fit cycle, and now we have invested in the state of the art Guru Dynamic Fit Unit Experience. Lastly, but most importantly, we are the only shop in the area that has a full time fitter, with more than 8,800 fittings, since 2000.  We believe in the experience of the fitter is the most important part of the process.

Along with these investments to bring the St. Louis and the Midwest region’s cyclists the most accurate and comprehensive fitting tools and equipment, we too have invested in training, certifications, an experienced staff, and two of the most experienced and knowledgeable fitters in the country, you can feel and see the difference for yourself. Contrary to claims by a few St. Louis shops, that THEY offer the best fittings or that they have their entire staff trained, it really comes down to experience. We have been at the forefront of bike fitting since 1973. If you had a choice to go to either a person straight out of school or a person who has more schooling and 15 years of experience, which one would you go to? Tim was recently chosen and fitted the 2015 Garmin-Cannondale International Pro Cycling team.  Tim will also be a GURU-F.I.S.T. Academy Instructor starting in 2015.

We have put together all new fit services and options. We have added more choices to take advantage of the best direct route to solving your fit needs. From picking A la Carte for possible price reduction but with the precision that you are expecting to getting the most state of the art fit process in the area. However, if you still need assistance or clarity on any fit service, please don’t hesitate to call one of our professionals and we will be glad to help you.  314-781-9566, or email us at  We perform these fit services by Appointment only, and due to the volume of fittings we perform yearly, we do urge you to call and set up an appointment at least a week in advance if possible. We also ask if you need to cancel, even last minute, to get a hold of us as we can fill these slots quickly.

If after your fitting, say 1-2 weeks of riding, things are not as expected, please don’t hesitate to re-schedule some time within 30 days of your fit session and we will see what else can be done to correct it.

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