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Who are we?

We are bike geeks plain and simple. We love what we do. We sweat the details. We commute, we race, we ride with our kids, we ride charity events, we do multisport, we get dirty, we get bloody.

We are experienced industry craftsmen that have spent decades perfecting what we do to provide unprecedented levels of service and attention to detail. We want to do it under budget and faster than promised.

We spend weekends providing support for numerous charity cycling events. We sweat, we work long hours, we look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

We take on simple tasks and monster challenges and we listen to your suggestions and requests. We want it done right the first time. We want to exceed your expectations.

We find the right fit for you, then choose the equipment that best matches your needs.
We know every client is unique and not always symmetrical. We identify, analyze and provide the best solution.

We love what we do and are passionate about making your experience (both in our store and on your bike) so phenomenal, that you can’t wait to tell your friends where to receive unprecedented levels of service and attention to detail.

We thank you for choosing Maplewood Bicycle.