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Complete Tune-Up

$100.00 *

Our Complete Tune-up one extremely versatile service package for a very affordable price. It's no wonder why we perform hundreds of these every year for cyclists of ALL levels! Our mechanics go though your bike from front to back addressing the needs of every system to achieve the BEST possible adjustment. Whether your bike is functioning less than perfect because you’ve been laying down some serious miles or your old friend has been collecting dust and you want to get back in the saddle, this service may be just what your bike needs.

Service Includes:

- Visual inspection of frame, fork, and all components.
- 40+ point lubrication service.
- Adjustment of braking system.
- Adjustment of shifting system.
- Adjustment of headset.
- Wheel truing & hub adjustments.
- Simple wipedown of frame & fork.
- Complete torque check of all bolts.
- Test ride and final on-road adjustments. 
-15% off installation of most parts (tires, bearings, tape, grips...etc) 

 Deluxe Tune-Up


$160.00 - 200.00 *

What do you get when you combine the precision of the Complete Tune-Up with a state-of-the-art heated, hydro parts washing system and a heaping pile of cleaning rags??  Our Deluxe Tune-up package! This service is our absolute best value if your bike is getting grimy and needs a good tune-up. Your bike will receive all the adjustments listed in the Complete Tune-Up along with removal and cleaning of the cassette, chain, and crank. The rest of your bike is detail cleaned by hand to give you not only the best appearance but best functionality. 

Service includes:

- All features of the Complete Tune-Up.
- Removal & heated pressure wash cleaning of cassette, chain, and crank .
- Inspection & torque/press check of bottom bracket.
- Hand detail cleaning of frame, fork, and all components on the bike.
- Frame and fork polish 
-25% off installation of most parts (tires, bearings, tape, grips...etc) 

Total Overhaul

$320.00 - 470.00 *

Make no mistake, service doesn’t get any better than our Overhaul. We don’t mess around when it comes to making your bike like new again. First we completely disassemble your bike down to the frame, which is inspected, cleaned, and waxed. If there are any visible issues with the frame we are going to find them. Next we send every single component that is able to be washed into our state-of-the-art Renegade heated pressure washing system. This removes every bit of dirt and debris that we otherwise couldn’t get to by hand. Every bearing system on the bicycle is cleaned, inspected, reconditioned, or replaced depending on the type (loose ball vs. cartridge). Then we rebuild your perfectly clean bicycle, adjusting every system, to get it as good as it was when you first took it home! New cables are typically recommended for this service. 

For many cyclists we recommend overhauling your bike once every year or two depending on miles ridden, upkeep, and type of bike. 

*All service package prices are subject to change and can vary by bike. 

All packages require a $5.00 -$10.00 supplies fee not included in the price. 

See full pricing sheet for details.