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Introduction: We have 4 fit packages for existing bicycles, 4 signature specialty or focused services, and 1 pre-purchase fit service. No matter what type of rider you are or how much you ride, we have you covered and in great hands! Our pursuits and investments have given us the ability to help practically anyone who rides a bicycle. We understand that riding a bicycle can be uncomfortable, that it can also be a bit unsafe if you're not properly balanced on the bike of your choice, therefore we searched out and learned how to make this happen for a wide array of cyclists. We are the only place in town with this much experience, knowledge, and capability. Read some of our reviews and testimonies, come see for yourself and experience what a great fitting is all about. 

All of our fit levels are designed with the intention to make you more comfortable and improve your efficiency. We have a very long track record of finding and creating the proverbial "sweet spot" of comfort and performance. They do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

For a future bicycle or just not sure what you want next, we have the machine to figure this out in the most neutral and objective approaches in the industry. The Guru DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) will allow us to change positions, quickly, while riding, record and track, and gives a detailed report with bike options.  

_________All Bike Fits Are By Appointment_________

NOTICE: We just want to take a minute to inform you of a few things. The pandemic created the largest surge in bicycle sales and service that the industry has ever seen in. Due to this, our ability to have our normal parts and fit related items in stock has diminished. We will be vigilant in keeping the things that we can get in stock, however there is a good chance that we may not be able to completely set your bike up to the new fit recommendations, but promise to do our best. *Update: Things are definitely better but still occasionally run out of key items-01/02/2024

Tier 3: Starter Fit - Existing Bicycle

- Set up of key contact points and angles 

- More comfort and efficiency 

- 1.5 Hour = $150

This fitting is intended for the person who just got a bike and needs some general professional help with your specific setup, or perhaps you've changed a few things or it's been a while since you've been looked at, or has a couple of minor comfort issues that you'd like to have addressed. This is a more detailed fitting than we provide with a new bike purchase at Maplewood Bicycle. This fitting is not for a Triathlon or Time Trial bicycle, but if you have aero bars on a road/gravel bike we can do a check on that. If you are currently experiencing more discomfort or have a medical history that needs to be dealt with, we recommend our Tier 2 or Tier 1 Fitting. 

What to Expect: We will have you on your bike, in a trainer, and we will discuss riding habits, distances, any particular areas of your body or body mechanics that need extra attention, as well as some of your riding goals. We will adjust saddle height based on pedaling technique/cadence, and flexibility. We will also set the proper saddle fore/aft position for the best leverage-power. Once we have set the saddle position, we will then address your reach to the handlebars as well as the height needed for upper body alignment and comfort. In many cases these points of contacts are what most people need addressed in order to ride comfortably, minimize joint and back issues, and allow your body to work more efficiently. 

Time: Up to 1.5 hour   +for 1 bike
+ Riding history and health discussed
+ Check and adjust cleats (cleat fore/aft and lateral)
+ Saddle height and fore/aft set
+ Handlebar checked for proper dimensions
+ Your reach and back alignment are corrected
+ Pre and Post bike fit measurements are recorded
*Cost = $150.00

(*There may be some additional costs like a handlebar Stem, or Saddle, from our fitters recommendation to get your bike as comfortable as we can. We will discuss to meet your budget.) 

Tier 2: Deluxe Fit - Existing Bicycle

- A more advanced Fit utilizing more protocols and technology integration

- For experienced riders with various body issues  

-2.5 Hours = $250 

-2.25 Hours - *Deluxe Fit/Lite = $200

For the Cyclist needing a tune-up to their fit, who have been experiencing some minor aches and discomforts that are not going away, or has been riding more miles and in need of some changes. We start with a full assessment of your current fit and formulate the steps of correction. We then address feet and cleat alignment with more detail and precision. We feel strongly about getting the correct foot and pedal alignment, as this will only help with efficient power transfer, knee and joint health, as well as correcting many foot issues. 

What to Expect: Fit principles and protocols stemming from advanced scientific proven methods are used in a more cost effective way to offer you this level of fitting. It is a comprehensive utilization of protocols, methods and technology with data steering the end result. Mix this with our well documented experience and history of successes (over 50 years of fitting at the highest level) and you get a fitting performed with a much higher level of precision than most places. Pre and Post bike measurements taken and recorded, as well as your ride and health history. 

Time: Up to 2.5 hour   + for 1 bike

+ Riding history and health concerns are discussed
+ Full Maplewood Signature feet and cleat alignment process is performed
+ Saddle height and fore/aft is tested and set for optimal efficiency and power

+ Integration of Saddle Pressure mapping to track changes in pressure and monitor improvements
+ Handlebar(s) checked for proper dimensions and ergonomics
+ Your reach and back alignment are corrected through a series of checks and balances
+ Pre and Post bike fit measurements are recorded

*Cost = $250.00

*Cost = $200.00 without the cleat and feet analysis. Tier 2 - Deluxe Fit / Lite

(*There may be some additional costs like a handlebar Stem, or Saddle, from our fitters recommendation to get your bike as comfortable as we can. We will discuss to meet your budget.) 

Tier 1: The Full Gamut - Existing Bicycle

- The Most Comprehensive and In-depth

- Evaluation of physical alignments, range of motion, and stability

- 3.5 Hours = $350

This fitting is intended for any cyclist or triathlete who are increasing their training hours, starting to race more, post injury (re-fit), are currently experiencing several comfort issues with no success of fixing it, known body malalignments that are not being properly addressed, or just simply desires the most complete and effective set up for comfort and performance. This fitting will also provide you with Maplewood's specialized and highly successful process for the foot and knee alignment with an exhaustive positioning procedure. In addition, we will be integrating our saddle pressure mapping system to monitor throughout the fitting as this will help us examine your optimal saddle position by reducing pressure, and assists with seeing imbalances. 

Time: Up to 3.5 hours   * for 1 bike 

  • + A 40 point evaluation of flexibility, posture, imbalances, core, alignments, and rotation are performed for assistance in setting proper body angles within your personal range of motion. 
  • + Static and dynamic assessment of feet and ankles, along with proper the support, shoe fit, and wear factors. 
  • + A full ride history, health history, goals and general information will be taken for set up plan
  • + Existing fit will be assessed against physical data recorded earlier, along with detailed pre-fit measurements are     recorded
  • + Saddle pressure is monitored throughout the fit process and a final verdict will be given
  • + Several position changes will be instituted and tested for optimal efficiency and body conformity 
  • + Postural variations and other bio-mechanics will be taken into consideration during the process
  • + Detailed measurements, and notes will be taken and given to you


(*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, insoles, cleat wedges, to name a few of the typical items we see being changed. Costs will be discussed before proceeding with changes)



Specialty or Focused Fit: For when you don’t think you need a full blown fitting, possibly got new shoes or saddle, or have been fitted by us in the recent past but need a few specific adjustments here and there. A person may sign up for one of the specialty fits as long as you KNOW that you’re in a good position but having some specific issues like knee, foot, or saddle discomfort. The purpose of these offerings are not to go in depth in your overall fit but, rather fix a very specific problem. The other aspects of your fit may come into play, like too low of a handlebar position, or a saddle position that isn’t optimal. 


 Shoe-Pedal Interface Alignment: +Radial Alignment Device System 

- Foot and ankle evaluation (static and dynamic)

- Shoe fit evaluation

- On the bike assessment 

- Knee tracking analysis 

- Full cleat alignment: all 4 alignments (Fore/Aft, Lateral, Rotational, angular)

- 1 Hour = $125 (per pair shoes)

  • This is the ideal specialized fitting service that Maplewood Bicycle offers for people who have a good fit but recently purchased new shoes, switching pedal systems, or are currently experiencing some foot or knee issues usually related to feet/pedal alignment. 

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your shoe fit, and a check of you on the bike and your alignments. We will then go through the evaluating process of your foot support needs, ankle and foot flexibility, possible hip or leg length discrepancy, your cleat alignment in all 4 positions, and lastly the rotational alignment. 

The RADS tool allows us to fine tune the actual rotation alignment of your cleats to eliminate foot/knee/ hip issues related to improper cleat rotation and maximizing float for your particular individual leg needs. (*We are limited in adjusting the Crankbrothers cleats, Time, and Speedplay Frog and Syzr cleats)

Time is up to an hour. (per pair shoes/1-bike. *see below)

*Price: $125

(*Additional costs that usually occur are; Insoles, wedges, and cleats.)

*If you have more than 1 pair of shoes that work with the same pedals, or two bikes-same pedals, we will charge an additional $50 per shoe or bike for set up time, plus any additional accessories used for alignment.

*If you have more than 1 pair of shoes that use different pedals (different bikes like a mountain shoe and a road shoe), the fee will be an additional $125 as the set up dynamics are different and additional time will be needed. Please let us know when you set up your appointment. 

Saddle Pressure Mapping: 

- Full 3d evaluation of pressure

- Improved comfort and performance

  • Saddle Pressure Mapping: For any cyclist who is wishing to try new saddles due to it being worn out, or no longer comfortable and wishes to take advantage of a rare elite industry specific tool and software, as well an experienced professional to help assess, recommend, and install perfectly. Forget about those saddle measuring benches, or those pseudo science recommendations on your proper type of saddle. Feel free to bring any saddles of your own to test.

  • Time is up to an hour and cost is $150 per hour. (non-refundable)
    Saddles are at additional cost, usually ranging from $40-$300.  Plus, any saddle you purchase from Maplewood’s saddle (“in-stock”) inventory comes with a 21 day exchange/store credit policy as long as it is in like new condition. We do carry several saddle models that have their own 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Guru Dynamic Fit Unit Experience: Future Purchase

Performed on the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit, for unparalleled experience in fit comparisons and rider-felt changes. We will methodically move you through many positions, electronically while pedaling, and compare which is the best. This can be used for finding the best fitting bike by brand, model, as well as the changes that will need to be made to your existing set up. This fitting is recommended for seeking out what new bike size and geometry will be ideal for you before you buy. It takes out the varying opinions on what is ideal for you or random size suggestions without truly knowing what your specific needs are by you feeling those fit differences in a matter of seconds and minutes.

Bike Finder: 

The Guru DFU Experience has a database of over 15,000 bike brands, models, and sizes, pre-programmed into the software. We can scan you, plug in a bike model and size, or figure that out after the full fit. With your valuable feedback from immediate changes to things like saddle height and handlebar position, and assistance from the fitters training and experience, we can find the best fitting brand/model/size in a very efficient manner. Once finished, we will provide you with a report from your fitting listing several bikes, set up instructions, etc. Unlike other stores with this service, we will provide you with any brand that will fit you properly, even brands we don't sell. This report will also show you the specific fit measurements, specific stem and spacers, seatpost offset, and how to measure those things once you get your new bike. We do offer post bike set up or fine tuning of your bike fit, at an additional charge, to what you desire. 

Time: 1 Hour and 1.5 hours for Tri/TT

Cost: $200 *for most bike types (non-refundable)  Cost: $250 For Triathlon and Time Trial

Transfer Bike Fit Measurements: For 2nd similar bike

- Careful adjustments to match other similar bicycle

- Utilization of lazers and other techniques to achieve a near perfect match

- Every detail is taken into account and anything that is different will be communicated or adjusted for (crank length differences, handlebar variations, etc)

This is not exactly a fitting but rather a good way to get your second bike set up the same as the main bicycle. If you are happy with current fit, not changing anything, but either still use an older bike on a trainer, or you recently purchased another bike and need it matched or emulated then we can provide this service for you. This should be for two of the same type of bicycle: 2 road bikes, or 2 tri bikes, etc.. 

This service is set by an appointment, and vary on time of completion. *Extra costs that are usually incurred are things like stems, handlebars, bar tape, to name a few. 

Time: as needed - per bike

*Cost: $40 *for most bike types   

*Cost: $60 For Triathlon and Time Trial