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Fitting Testimonials

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again for all your help with Rosie aka the new Lynskey. I rode last night till it got too dark and rode again this morning and the bike is incredible. Totally comfortable, easy to ride, easy to keep cadence, and fast as hell.
The attention to detail is just awesome and your words of wisdom in planning the bike were spot on. 
Just sayin thanks again, let me know if you ever need/want a write up singing the praises of TI or the bike personalization experience. 
Enjoy the day
"90 miles in 2 days and the bike feels great and my transitions to the run feel better too. 

Awesome job on the fit. 

You asked me to follow up with you after you made the changes to my Trek 2.1.  I have not experienced any cramping in my calf since you made all the adjustments.  I have been on 2 day 50-mile each day ride w/o any issues.  Thanks for the assistance.

Take care,"
"Dear Maplewood Bicycle


I have ridden my bike outside twice now and have never felt more comfortable on it.  For the first time on either my tri-bike or road-bike (fitted with tri-bars) I actually feel as comfortable in the aero position as I do sitting up.  For the longest time, I had always wondered how people could stay in the aero position for so long as it just was not comfortable for me.


I also feel like I have more power and surprisingly so far feel as stable or more stable going down hills and around turns.  Like you said, perhaps being over the front tire more has helped.


"i was a speed demon today!! i was a black bullet in my tri shorts you gave me and a red devil in my bike jersey and new SWEET bike fit... i felt really good no sore neck or sensitve leg tissue...i was almost a whole mile per hour faster...
Thanks so so much!

OMG - just got back from my first outing on my new Trek Lexa SLX that you fitted for me yesterday...I am in LOVE!  I was clipping in and out like a pro!  So easy!  The SIDI Mamba shoes feel like butter- super comfortable!  I am so grateful to you for the time you spent with me yesterday!  I really feel like the bike fits me beautifully.  I had no problem with the gearing and all the pointers you gave me were extremely helpful!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me turn a negative into a positive!  I am looking forward to many miles of biking fun!


"I did a 40 miler on saturday and felt great!  I think it was just getting use to the new position.    The A-Line inserts are working nicely as well.  Thanks so much for all of your help Tim.  
Take care,
"Hi Tim-
I just wanted to Thank you for the changes you made with the new cassette, my shoe and my seat feel great.  Thank You for always helping Brad and I out.  We truly appreciate your time and expressly your knowledge.  Have a good weekend.
"I gotta tell you how great my Steelhead TT is.  Just got back from IM
Zurich, had a PR for the race.  That was cool.


An update on how the bike fit from the other week has gone.  The summary is Great!

A couple of data points include the following:  The evening after the fit I went for a 90 min ride.  Had multiple 10 to 15 min intervals at threshold power (~260W) and then steady effort to finish out the 90 min. Overall was my highest average power ride ( 217 W) in about 3 months – legs felt good.

I think the telling ride was this last Saturday.  I did a full 112 then bricked into a hour run for a race rehearsal day.  I did the same ride back in early June in prep for IM CDA so have results to compare.

June ride old fit (had race wheels 808 front and back and aero helmet on)

112 miles, time  5:23, avg watts 181, NP = 185  VI = 1.02  avg HR = 120, avg Cadence = 88, avg temp 84.4

August ride , new fit ( training wheels and std helmet) 

112 miles, time  5:13, avg watts 191, NP = 194  VI = 1.02  avg HR = 120, avg Cadence = 88, avg temp 82

So 10 more watts and no impact on HR!  Stayed in the drops the whole time with my back and legs were all good.  Transitioned into the run and legs were fine!

I think we have a good setup here – Let’s see if I can have a good run at IM LOU in 3 weeks.

Thanks for the help.


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to fit me yesterday morning.  I went for a bike ride and after 4 hours and 70 miles, I didn't have any back pain!  It was amazing, I had to keep on riding and could not believe the difference.  Also, my average speed was higher! Thank you.
Thanks for touching base. The fit is so much better. I love the way it fits. I can tell a difference in the wider shoulders and my quads don't fatigue as much since I am in a tighter tucked position. Thank you so much for helping us out with the bike. I am excited to race it in the upcoming 1/2 in Jackson.
Thanks and have a great day!
Thanks for the subtle changes you made to the stem and seat position.  So far- I've been "pain free" regarding the hand position and my back is in less pain.  GOOD WORK!

Thank you
"Tim - thank you so much for the excellent bike fitting today.  I really appreciate your expertise. 
"Hi Tim,

I want to thank you again for all the things you did to help me get back on the bike and be comfortable!!  I had thought it was a lost cause before I came to you. I smile every day because I can ride my bike again, it has given back to me something I thought was lost. I've been riding a ton and having so much fun!!

Thanks again,

"Thanks again for the fitting yesterday. I now know I made a mistake not purchasing my bike from you guys to begin with. I won't make that mistake twice. Also my son is going to be contacting you for an appointment to be fitted on his bike very soon. 
"Hi Tim.
I wanted to follow up with you on my Aug. 11 bike fitting. So far, so good. I've ridden three outdoor rides between 20-26 miles and three rides on the trainer up to 1 hr 15 minutes and have had no lower back, shoulder or neck pain, and only a couple brief incidents of hand numbness. The new saddle is great - no rear or front pain at all.  Moving the cleats on my shoes has worked well, too. So I'm very pleased with the results. Now I just have to watch my posture as I fatigue. 

Thanks again! 
"Hi Tim!    
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that things are much better!! I have probably rode close to 100 miles since I was in last Tuesday and whatever you did worked! I am trying to concentrate on pedaling the way you explained when I start to feel the numbness coming on and hope that solves the small amount I am experiencing...
So, thank you, thank you!!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU - I LOVE MY BIKE.....
wow what a difference from my other bike..... I truly feel it is MY bike - 
and shifting has never been so much fun....
Jessica "
"Hey Tim - 

Jess is jazzed about her new ride.   I watched her at Forest Park on that windy day when you adjusted my bike and despite some huge south winds that were gusting @ 25+ mph she had great control... Even without the cup.  The brake has been working great!   No issues.   It is a big improvement.  Thank you for making this work!  
It was a pleasure to work with you made the process fun.   In my mind, good engineering collaborators are special people.
Thanks again,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great job on the fitting last
Wednesday. I ended up putting 106 miles on the bike over the weekend
with none of the previous problems showing up. In fact the only pain I
experienced was caused by my need for a new saddle and pushing myself
after taking three weeks off.

I'll be in for a saddle when I get some funds set aside.

Thanks again.

"Tim:  A couple weeks ago, I came in for a bike fitting and I wanted to give some feedback.

As you remember, I was complaining that on longer rides, my left knee was getting sore (after 30-40 miles).

Over the pas 2 weeks, I have ridden about 220 miles including a 72 mile ride with no pain at all in the knees.  It looks like the adjustements you made to by cleats are doing the trick.

Thanks for your help!  :-)