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Castelli Prologo VI Jersey

Castelli Prologo VI Jersey
  • Color: Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red
  • Color: Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory
  • Color: Black/Ivory/Dark Gray
  • Color: Black/Red/Black
  • Color: Dark Gray Red Silver Gray
  • Color: Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky
  • Color: Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue
  • Color: Savile Blue Silver Gray
  • Color: Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue
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Prologue or Pro Logo
The Prologo name is Italian for "prologue," the opening salvo in a Grand Tour. But many of our customers pronounce it like "Pro Logo." And we don't mind at all. The Prologo Jersey, now in its sixth generation, does feature a big logo, but more than that it brings a lot of tech directly from our experience with pro racing. The fabric is remarkably soft yet stretchy and features bioceramic nanoparticles added to the fused polymer, which reflect far infrared light to both protect you from hot sun and help the body keep itself warm. The construction also borrows a lot of cues from pro racing: the same drop-tail construction that helps the jersey sit right around the waist while allowing generous pockets that sit lower on the back, the wraparound side panels that ventilate the back without letting in too much air from the front, and the easy-sliding YKK Vislon zipper.

Product Features
- New Punto fabric is light and breathable
- Horizontal stretch for great fit, with limited vertical stretch to support pockets
- Covered YKK Vislon zipper
- Castelli shadow logo sublimation overprint on dyed base fabric
- Drop tail with 3 rear pockets and internal silicone waist elastic on back
- Reflective piping
- 18°-32°C / 65°-90°F
- Weight: 160g

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / Small 08055688804213 A19015025-2
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / Medium 08055688804220 A19015025-3
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / Large 08055688804237 A19015025-4
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / X-Large 08055688804244 A19015025-5
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / XX-Large 08055688804251 A19015025-6
Barbaresco Red/Pink/Granata Red / XXX-Large 08055688804268 A19015025-7
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / Small 08055688804398 A19015146-2
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / Medium 08055688804404 A19015146-3
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / Large 08055688798963 A19015146-4
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / X-Large 08055688804411 A19015146-5
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / XX-Large 08055688804428 A19015146-6
Black/Dusk Blue/Ivory / XXX-Large 08055688804435 A19015146-7
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / Small 08055688804152 A19015010-2 PRO3478587S
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / Medium 08055688804169 A19015010-3 PRO34131213M
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / Large 08055688804176 A19015010-4 PRO34590215L
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / X-Large 08055688804183 A19015010-5 PRO35639714L
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / XX-Large 08055688804190 A19015010-6 PRO36987556L
Black/Ivory/Dark Gray / XXX-Large 08055688804206 A19015010-7 PRO36438573L
Black/Red/Black / Small 08055688804442 A19015231-2 PRO29272376S
Black/Red/Black / Medium 08055688804459 A19015231-3 PRO29223837M
Black/Red/Black / Large 08055688804466 A19015231-4 PRO29978266L
Black/Red/Black / X-Large 08055688804473 A19015231-5 PRO30515920L
Black/Red/Black / XX-Large 08055688804480 A19015231-6 PRO31225079L
Black/Red/Black / XXX-Large 08055688804497 A19015231-7 PRO31527916L
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / Small 08050949296707 A19015302-2 PRO37699147S
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / Medium 08050949296714 A19015302-3 PRO37715578M
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / Large 08050949296721 A19015302-4 PRO37457612L
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / X-Large 08050949296738 A19015302-5 PRO38939351L
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / XX-Large 08050949296745 A19015302-6 PRO39903287L
Dark Gray Red Silver Gray / XXX-Large 08050949296752 A19015302-7 PRO39216232L
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / Small 08050949064788 A19015030-2 PRO39608342S
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / Medium 08050949064795 A19015030-3 PRO39747766M
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / Large 08050949064801 A19015030-4 PRO39362781L
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / X-Large 08050949064818 A19015030-5 PRO40283225L
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / XX-Large 08050949064825 A19015030-6 PRO4135222L
Dark Gray/Vortex/Winter Sky / XXX-Large 08050949064832 A19015030-7 PRO41568826L
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / Small 08055688804336 A19015070-2
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / Medium 08055688804343 A19015070-3
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / Large 08055688804350 A19015070-4
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / X-Large 08055688804367 A19015070-5
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / XX-Large 08055688804374 A19015070-6
Dark Steel Blue/Orange/Light Steel Blue / XXX-Large 08055688804381 A19015070-7
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / Small 08050949064931 A19015656-2 PRO45507295S
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / Medium 08050949064948 A19015656-3 PRO45851961M
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / Large 08050949011782 A19015656-4 PRO45655684L
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / X-Large 08050949064955 A19015656-5 PRO46381473L
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / XX-Large 08050949064962 A19015656-6 PRO47315459L
Fiery Red/Ivory/Dark Infinity Blue / XXX-Large 08050949064979 A19015656-7 PRO47569784L
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / Small 08050949064856 A19015062-2
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / Medium 08050949064863 A19015062-3
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / Large 08050949064870 A19015062-4
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / X-Large 08050949064887 A19015062-5
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / XX-Large 08050949064894 A19015062-6
Light Steel Blue/Chartreuse/Dark Steel Blue / XXX-Large 08050949064900 A19015062-7
Savile Blue Silver Gray / Small 08050949296776 A19015414-2 PRO36993585S
Savile Blue Silver Gray / Medium 08050949296783 A19015414-3 PRO36767887M
Savile Blue Silver Gray / Large 08050949296790 A19015414-4 PRO36803748L
Savile Blue Silver Gray / X-Large 08050949296806 A19015414-5 PRO37653079L
Savile Blue Silver Gray / XX-Large 08050949296813 A19015414-6 PRO38989904L
Savile Blue Silver Gray / XXX-Large 08050949296820 A19015414-7 PRO3884946L
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / Small 08055688804275 A19015065-2
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / Medium 08055688804282 A19015065-3
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / Large 08055688804299 A19015065-4
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / X-Large 08055688804305 A19015065-5
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / XX-Large 08055688804312 A19015065-6
Ivory/Red/Light Steel Blue / XXX-Large 08055688804329 A19015065-7