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Fit Solutions 4

Level 3G-The Pro-Guru Dynamic Fit:

This fitting is for anyone who wants the absolute BEST fit in the region utilizing the latest state of the art equipment in conjunction with the MOST experienced fitters in the region. There is, truly, no other shop in the area that can combine all of this technology with 41 years of experience. This is the ideal fit session for anyone from a serious racer wanting to be in the most optimal position on his/her bike to a recreational cyclist who has several severe issues that are leading to discomfort or severe pain, impeding their cycling experience. We don’t just find a good position here, we find your BEST position and can prove it with state of the art RETUL 3d motion capture technology, with Computrainer Data, and utilizing the instant changes made from your current fit utilizing the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit for instant rider feedback. This is the no-holds bar, perfect fit solution for any cyclist/triathlete. The only down side to this is that some of the time your current bike may limit your ideal position from a “better than you were position” to “not even close”. In which case, we can even help you find that perfect bike out there that will take on the perfect fit for you. 

Best For: Serious cyclist who just wants to know where does his/her body best perform for total performance to some one who has had several physical impairments, or interested in avoiding any and all pains. We will help you find not just the best bio-mechanical position but, the safest set up, and the most comfortable position that no body else in the area can find better. 

Methods Used: GURU Experience, F.I.S.T., Guru, Serotta, SICI, Trek, Bicycle Fit Systems, Retul, Aline

Equipment Used: Guru DFU (fully adjustable including crank arm length, pedals, saddles, handlebars/aero bars), Computrainer, Retul 3d motion capture, Aline, Goniometer, flexibility assessment, R.A.D.S (radial alignment device-for cleat rotaion), Anthropometer, Laser, BFS-foot/ankle alignment tool.

Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes: 180 minutes of fit time and 30 minutes of resetting your current bike time. Except TRI/TT superbikes with proprietary parts will be charged $100 per hour for re-assembly, anything over our allotted 3 hours. 

*Note: additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, insoles, cleat wedges, to name a few typical items we see being changed.

*Note: If you currently own a bike that has slightly un-common to very proprietary parts like, aero seat posts, unique integrated aero bar pieces and parts, please bring and if you do not have them, please understand that most of these are not stocked by us and we may not be able to get them due to dealership agreements. I.E; 1 ¼: stems, special aero seat post size, Specialized SHIV’s, Cervelo P5 and P3, Felt IA and DA series bikes, Giant Trinity Advanced, to name a few of the bikes out there that uses very proprietary pieces and parts that may inhibit us from completing your fit set up. 

Price: $350     *Except TRI/TT superbikes with proprietary parts will be charged $100 per hour for re-assembly, anything over our allotted 3 hours.   ($250 with purchase of new bicycle)

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