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Fit Solutions 3

 Level 2:

  • For all types of Bikes

  • 2d Video Analysis, Full foot/cleat/knee alignment process, & Saddle Pressure Mapping

  • 3 Hours=$350 

This fitting is intended for any cyclist or triathlete who are increasing their training, starting to race more, post injury (re-fit), currently is experiencing several comfort issues or pain, body-mechanic mal-alignments, or just simply desires a more detailed fitting on their current bicycle, of any kind. *Tri/TT and Road Superbikes will often need more time, at additional $200 per hour. This fitting will also provide you with our detailed and highly successful process for the foot and knee alignment. In addition, we will be providing our saddle pressure mapping system integration throughout the fitting. This will help us examine where your optimal saddle position is as well as what might be your best saddle solution. 

Methods Used: F.I.S.T., Guru, Serotta, SICI, Trek, Bike Fit Systems

Equipment Used: Computrainer or Tacx smart trainer, Dartfish 2d video analysis Software, Aline board, Varus/Valgus tool, Saddle Pressure Mapping Tool and software, RADS cleat alignment tool, Anthropometer, Goniometer, laser.

Time: Up to 3 hours   /for 1 bike (additional time, if needed, is at $200 per hour)

*Please Note: We would like you here 10 min earlier than your scheduled fit session. We are usually right on time and very busy, therefore wish to respect our next fitting by finishing on time. With many of the new axle types, fit form to fill out, change of clothes, we want to either start right on time or limit the extra time it takes to get your bike in the trainer, clothes changed, and you fill out the form. 

Price: $350

*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, insoles, cleat wedges, to name a few of the typical items we see being changed.


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