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Fit Solutions 2

Level 1:

  •  A more advanced Fit

  • Utilization of more equipment & steps for a empirical driven result  

  • 2 Hours=$250

For the Cyclist needing a tune-up to their fit, who have been experiencing some minor aches, discomforts that are not going away, just acquired a new or used bike, or has been riding more and in need of some changes. This fitting is NOT recommended for an existing tri/tt bike, we would recommend the Level 2 fitting. This fitting utilizes another measuring assessment tool with the Dartfish 2d video analysis, as well as addresses foot and cleat alignment with a little more detail. We feel strongly about getting the correct foot and pedal alignment, as this will only help with efficient power transfer, knee and joint health, and some of the foot issues.  

What to Expect: Fit principles and protocols stemming from advanced scientific proven methods are used in a more cost effective way to offer you this level of fitting. It is a comprehensive utilization of methods taught to us by Guru, Trek, F.I.S.T., Serotta, Bike Fit Systems, to name a few. The protocols that we apply are basically the same as our Level 2 or 3, with a few less tools and time that it takes to apply those methods. Mix this with our well documented experience and history (over 40 years of fitting at the highest level) and you get a fitting done to a much higher accuracy than most places. Pre and Post bike measurements taken and recorded, as well as your ride and health history. 

Equipment Used: Smart Trainer, Dartfish 2d Video Analysis Software, Goniometer, Anthropometer, Aline foot analysis board, Varus/Valgus measuring tool, Laser.

Time: up to 2 hours,   /for 1 bike (additional time will be billed at $200 an hour)

*Please Note: We would like you here 10 min earlier than your scheduled fit session. We are usually right on time and very busy, therefore we wish to respect our next fitting by finishing on time. With many of the new axle types, fit form to fill out, change of clothes, we want to either start right on time or limit the extra time it takes to get your bike in the trainer, clothes changed, and you fill out a personal ride history form. 

Price: $250     

*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, shoe inserts, to name a few things common in getting your fit right.


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