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Fit Solutions 2

Level 1T-The Essentials-Trainer Fit:

For the Cyclist who is just getting back on the bike from a lay off, who have been experiencing some minor aches, pains, discomforts, just acquired a used or new bike, or adding something new to your bike related to contact points, or looking to purchase a new bicycle from Maplewood Bicycle. Please note: we include at no charge, this level of fitting with the purchase of any bike from us. If you wish to get fitted, leave and ponder your options…we will charge for this service and when you come back to purchase, within 30 days, we will refund the charge and apply to your bike purchase. This fitting is NOT recommended for an existing tri/tt bike, or a road bike with aero bars. We would recommend at least the Level 1.5 Sport fitting.

Methods Used:  Basic fit principals stemming from very advanced scientific proven methods. It is a comprehensive usage of methods taught to us by Guru, Trek, F.I.S.T., Serotta, Bike Fit Systems.  Pre and Post bike measurements taken and recorded.

Equipment Used: Bike Trainer, Goniometer, Plumb Line

Time: up to 1 hour, per bike 

Price: $100       

*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, to name a few

Level 1.5T      The Sport-Trainer Fit:

This fitting applies to all of the same criteria as the Basic but, adds another measuring  assessment tool in the Dartfish 2d video analysis, as well as addresses foot and cleat alignment with more detail. This helps us properly and more accurately set up foot support and cleat positioning. This is important if you have current foot and/or knee pain or wish to try and prevent it. This is also a good starting point for a Tri bike or a road bike with aero bars or wishing to add aero bars to an existing bike. 

Methods Used: F.I.S.T., Guru, Serotta, Trek, Bike Fit Systems

Equipment Used: Bike Trainer, Dartfish 2d Video Analysis Software, Goniometer, Anthropometer, Aline foot analysis board, Varus/Valgus measuring tool, Laser, Plumb Line.

Time: 1 ½ hours, per bike

Price: $150     

*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, insoles, cleat wedges, to name a few typical items we see being changed

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