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Fit Solutions 1

Level 1T       The Essentials-Trainer Fit:

For the Cyclist who is just getting back on the bike from a lay off, who have been experiencing some minor aches, pains, discomforts, just acquired a used or new bike, or adding something new to your bike related to contact points, or looking to purchase a new bicycle from Maplewood Bicycle. Please note: we include at no charge, this level of fitting with the purchase of any bike from us. If you wish to get fitted, leave and ponder your options…we will charge for this service and when you come back to purchase, within 30 days, we will refund the charge and apply to your bike purchase. This fitting is NOT recommended for an existing tri/tt bike, or a road bike with aero bars. We would recommend at least the Level 1.5 Sport fitting.

Methods Used:  Basic fit principals stemming from very advanced scientific proven methods. It is a comprehensive usage of methods taught to us by Guru, Trek, F.I.S.T., Serotta, Bike Fit Systems.  Pre and Post bike measurements taken and recorded.

Equipment Used: Bike Trainer, Goniometer, Plumb Line

Time: up to 1 hour, per bike 

Price: $100       

*additional charges may include stem, handlebar, saddle, to name a few

Level 0G-Bike Finder:  

The Guru DFU Experience has a database of over 10,000 bike models, brands and sizes, pre-programmed into the software. We can scan you, plug in a interested bike model and size, and with your valuable feedback from immediate changes to things like saddle height and handlebar position, and assistance from the fitters training and experience, we can find the best fitting brand/model/size in a matter of minutes. Once finished, we can add any number of brands and models, even brands we do not sell, that also fits you, in a good-better-best report. This report will also show you your fit set up and how to measure those things once you get your new bike, from anywhere. We do offer post bike set up or fine tuning of your bike fit, at an additional charge, according to what you desire. 

Methods Used: Guru, F.I.S.T., Serotta, SICI, Retul, Trek, BFS

Equipment Used: GURU DFU, Body Scan, Goniometer, Anthropometer

Time: 1 Hour: 45 Minutes of fit time plus, 15 minutes of consultation and explanation time. 

Price: $100

*refundable if you come back and purchase a bike from Maplewood Bicycle within 30 days.

Guru DFU Quick Fit: 

A quick body scan by the Guru fit system, quick bike pick and small fine tuning of that position, and a report showing you a few bike options and your fit coordinates. Best for somebody who really has no problems but is confused by what fits him/her the best so that they can be better informed while shopping for a bicycle. 

Time is between 15-30 minutes

Cost is $50 and is refundable if you purchase a bicycle from Maplewood Bicycle within 30 days of your quick fit session.

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